Holyart E-office & Shipping

The Holyart concept is to encrease  the design approch of the workplaces 2.0 of the belonging new e web economy.
Holyart is an e-commerce company based in Reggio Emilia (Italy)  with a wide range of online business activities for ecclesiastical products in the whole world.
This new revolutionary business phenomenon need a new way of work.
The project consist in a new office block built inside the spaces of an existing commercial warehouse, in way to follow better all the working activities day by day and under the direct controll of the process.
The design of the offices are created to encrease and stimolate the Holyart workgroup, and at the same time encouraging the use of the spaces in an informal approach. Yellow color is the dress code of the spaces.

Location: Reggio Emilia, RE

Client: Pulcranet S.r.l. | Holyart

Project Manager: Francesca Penzo, Michele Dallari

Masterplan and Structure: Geom. Paolo Munarini

Main Contractor: Dall'Aglio Amos & C. S.r.l.

Furniture: Kairos s.n.c. - Design MPA