Dream Box Hotel - International Competition

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Client: Lighthouse Corp. USA

Status: Under construction

Architecture The architectural idea consists of 2-3-storey, 30 or 40 unit hotel buildings,
modelled from shipping containers as modules have to be adjustable to different available land conditions. 
The basic architectural idea has to be a core design for three different hotel directions as city, suburban and hotels.     

Structure: Minimum excavation works, simple light foundations, the steel structure can be used as additional elements or basement floor structure if needed for parking level

Functional zoning

Public zones:

One or two containers connected to Reception and Kitchen zones Reception desk:
One or two containers connected lobby area and waiting zone:
One or two containers connected to outside yard
Yoga terrace, Lounge terrace
Separated multistory building, integrated parking, ground lots
Twin guestroom: one 20’’ container or half of 40’’ container space with a large window
Queen guestroom: one 40’’ container with a large window

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